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A new path

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for getting this far to read this post. I have always had a keen interest in plants but where to start! It is such a big market and there are so many well known names out there already I had no idea where to begin.

What a truly awful year it has been so far. For me it has had some huge highs but also some huge lows. I am sure a lot of you are in the same boat especially with the uncertainty of the future ahead of us.

As some of you know I started off with my allotment growing fruit and veg which would inevitably end up on the driveway at home. Typically drying out onions and garlic or running out of space in the garden to keep all the seedlings and plants watered. What must the neighbours have thought, Subsequently I was being told "what a large marrow you have!" and "you know your onions!" I have always wanted to be outdoors and spend most of my time outside pottering in the garden and the allotment.

Over time I started planting out annuals for customers and then things took off from there through word of mouth. One upside to the pandemic for me was that I was still able to get annual bedding plants to customers due to shop closures and people not offering the services or prices that I was able to offer them.

The main reason for setting up this business is that I can make things a lot more professional for my local client base and hopefully also be able to offer that to people further afield. My determination to provide people with a good value, friendly and knowledgable service meant that I brought a lot of people happiness during a very difficult time and I hope to continue this further.

I look forward to helping you all in the future and building even more friendships.


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