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Christmas again!

I can't believe where the time has gone these past few months. The business as a whole is steady. I was expecting a huge change in proceedings with the UK leaving the EU at the end of this month after a very confusing period. However, working directly with the growers and the huge involvement they have in the UK an easy and sensible plan has taken shape so essentially it is business as normal. My first official Christmas for the business and as always great support from my local customer base. The monthly flower subscription plans are growing each month and with the demand for wreaths and Christmas trees in full swing this has kept me occupied. I enjoy the monthly subscriptions. It is always fulfilling to see familiar faces and catch up with people during these testing and difficult times. A familiar face during this cold and dark months always helps. Even more so when a big and beautiful bouquet is being presented to you.

I will be carrying the business on up to Christmas Eve and even have a few requests for New Years Eve including a small intimate wedding and a 65th birthday present.

I think that during these testing times a bouquet of flowers from a friend or relative really helps lift people. I always do my best to ensure that people get a great bouquet of fresh healthy flowers delivered personally to their door by me for that extra personal touch and reassurance that you are getting a good quality product with your hard earn't money. What makes me different is that people can send 5 or 6 bouquets to friends and relatives for well under £100 inc vat and no local delivery charge. A lot of the bigger more established companies will charge well in excess of this.

On a separate note, if you are alone this Christmas and Paynes Plants can help in any way then please drop me a message. We will staying at home this Christmas and not venturing to family or friends far and wide so it would be great to hear of your Christmas plans and New years resolutions.

Finally, it leaves me to say that if you haven't completed your Christmas shopping yet this year then why not sign up to a monthly subscription as a present to a friend or family member or surprise someone with a one off bouquet.

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