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UNICEF Fundraiser for Ukraine

January the 1st came and went for 2022. It almost started to feel that we were starting to finally return to some sort of normality after Covid. The Omicron variant wasn't as dangerous as first expected and rules were starting to be relaxed again for everyone. February 16th saw my little girl turn 2 years old and we finally managed to hold a celebration for her. First since being born in 2020 just before the first lockdown.

However, Putin put a stop to things turning back to normality. Things quickly became apparent that he was going to go to war with Ukraine and invade the country for no obvious plausible reason. The news came out about the poor civilians caught up in it. Reports of children being caught in crossfire and women giving birth in tube stations because it wasn't safe started to resonate with me.

I felt impassioned to do something to help. As a lot of you know working with flowers and plants brings me immense gratification. So I had a light bulb moment and thought about using up the last of my spring bulbs and get them potted up for people to enjoy. The hands I felt represented peace. The palms holding the flowers nurturing them like a mother would her child. It all seemed to fit the bill to get the idea out to the general public and raise plenty of money. I went online and google searched charities supporting children in the Ukraine and the UNICEF website came up. Some research into that and it looked like the type of charity that people would gladly support me with.

All proceeds go to charity so yes this is costing me money and the more people buy the more it costs me. As discussed with a newspaper reporter I am very privileged to be here with my family safe and well and you can't really put a price on that can you. If you are reading this and you wish to donate money to this cause then please Paypal me at and use reference "Ukraine".

I will then be contributing 10% of all sales at the end of each month to carry on donating to this cause. Hopefully soon this conflict will end. As and when it does I will continue to contribute to a local charity on a monthly basis.

I look forward to meeting more and more of you as this business progresses. Stay safe and well.

Edward Payne

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