One thing I wish to do when my little girl is older is to teach her about growing her own fruit and veg. What better way to do it than with this specially designed list of brilliant fruit and veg to plant with your kids and harvest over the summer holidays together. 


The list of plug plants are as follows;


- Lettuce x 30

- Onions x 20

- Leeks x 20

- Carrot x 20

- Cabbage x 10

- Cauliflower x 10

- Beetroot x 10

- Spinach x 10

- Runner beans x 10

- Strawberries x 6

- Tomatoes x 5

- Pumpkins x 3

- Courgette x 3


These will be grown on from seed and ready for dispatch around the first and second week of May.


Schools out for Summer collection.